L.A. Brown Photography

PO Box 151
Oak Bluffs
MA, 02557
(508) 627-1977


Lisa Brown of Martha’s Vineyard has been photographing on the island since she was twelve years old. In 1982, when Lisa turned eighteen, she sold her first photograph. This sale kicked off her professional career. L.A. Brown Photography, the award winning business, was established in Oak Bluffs, MA on Martha’s Vineyard in 1984.When speaking about her photography, Lisa says, “I love it when I’m asked, how did you get that shot? I have passed that scene a million times and I never saw it quite like that.”

Whether it is on Martha’s Vineyard, in Belgium, or other spots around the world, capturing the moment and discovering a simple truth that leaves a lasting impression is the essence of L.A.Brown photography.(TM)