What do you think: Lady Gaga on the Vineyard?


Recent national press reports claim that pop singing sensation Lady Gaga, she of the outrageous costumes, is building a house on the remote, eastern end of Martha’s Vineyard on the island of Chappaquiddick, far from the maddening crowd and nightclubs but not far from the ticks, mosquitoes, and Meg Ryan’s house.

There is no confirmation to date. Traditionally Islanders take such celebrity news in stride, or with a big yawn.

This past weekend, Times reporter Naomi Pallas went to Edgartown and asked the question: “What do you think about the rumor Lady Gaga might spend some time on the Island?”

Nita and Albulena, Kosovo, Serbia

Nita: “I’m a huge fan! I hope it’s true. If I saw her, I would scream and run after her.”

Albulena: “And I would try to stop Nita.”

Dom and Justin, Scituate, R.I.

Dom: “I hope I get to see her. I would want to see what she was wearing. It would probably be an oyster or something.”

Justin: “I want to know where she lives.”

Joe, Lindsay, and Digby the dog, Portsmouth, N.H.

Joe: “I think it’s just so wonderful that a small town girl from New Jersey can come so far and then even get a place on Chappaquiddick. You know, this year is the epitome of the American dream. Maybe I’ll write a book about it.”

Capt. Liz Villard, Chappaquiddick

“She lives down my road.”

Molly Gilling, Chappaquiddick

“What’s her real name, anyway? Honestly, if I saw her on the street, I don’t think I would recognize her. That’s why people come to the Vineyard — we don’t know who they are.”

Capt. Bob Gilkes, Edgartown

“I’m neutral. We have great relations with other celebrities because they just come here to get away.”