Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Mad Martha’s up for sale

After 50 years of scooping ice cream treats, the owners of Mad Martha’s Ice Cream are putting their business and buildings up for sale. For...

Chittick gives response to Church Street project

Edgartown selectmen listened to but did not comment on a report from Jane Chittick, an Edgartown resident who opposes the Vineyard Transit Authority's proposed...

Foundations team up to restore Chilmark Pond

The Great Pond Foundation (GPF) and the Chilmark Pond Foundation (CPF) have joined forces to develop a science-based ecological restoration plan for Chilmark Pond...

Martha's Vineyard COVID cases

Confirmed COVID-19 cases on MV since March309
Total probable cases27
Total probable and confirmed338
Of these, number of confirmed cases since Oct. 26223
Tracking the total number of cases since March, and the surge since October. Last updated: Nov. 30, 5 pm

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Voices on Racism: Martha's Vineyard Speaks Out

–Cover by Kristofer Rabasca

“The thing is, I look in the mirror and what I see first is human, what I see second is a woman, and what I see third is a black woman. Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn’t see it that way. And I have to be aware of how the rest of the world sees me.”

“I can only hope that if they make it to my age, my grandchildren will be able to sing that beautiful song without the same sense of irony with which I just sang it. ‘God shed his grace on thee and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.’

                                                                       –Dana Nunes

The Voices on Racism Project: See all voices here.

This project has been sponsored by Holmes Hole Builders and South Mountain Company.

Island Housing Trust: Help us Build Our Newest Tisbury Neighborhood

Watch our film about our newest neighborhood in Tisbury and help us reach our year-end fundraising goal by clicking on this link and donating now.


Air-source Heat Pumps are the Way!

M.V. Times

You have seen them: metal boxes sitting outside houses with a grill on the front, and “mini-splits” inside houses that deliver heat or cool. Now that there are cold-climate units available, this is the most efficient way to heat, cool, and dehumidify your home or workspace. They are a key strategy to our meeting the goal of 100 percent renewable by 2040. 

Cold-climate air-source heat pumps (ASHPs) facts:

  • The installation costs are less than that of a propane or oil-fired burner or furnace 
  • They run more efficiently, and cost less to operate than oil or propane 
  • They can replace your current heating (and cooling) system, or supplement it
  • It is key that you get a high-efficiency “cold climate” unit

Click here for more information.

An Edey Foundation grant supports this effort.
Renewable MV Initiative:

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New Covid-19 Safety Rules on Island Trails

Martha’s Vineyard has a rich abundance of protected lands. Many remain open for walking, hiking, bicycling, and running, in strict accordance with state and local regulations. This summer, the Island’s conservation groups are managing some properties differently to help ensure public safety and lower the risks of coronavirus transmission. Please see detailed guidelines for each organization here

Sponsored by the MV All-Island Trails Committee and TrailsMV

MVTimes Videos

An Open Letter to Our Community

The coronavirus pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge. At Martha’s Vineyard Bank, we are inspired by the local response, a unique mix of American fortitude, New England stoicism, and a balance of self-sufficiency and neighborly...


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