Edgartown drug arrest turns up crystal methamphetamine

Edgartown Police photographed drugs, a scale and notebooks they said they found in an Edgartown house. — Photo courtesy of Edgartown Police Department

Edgartown Police arrested an Idaho man Tuesday on multiple drug charges, including possession of 3.5 grams of crystal methamphetamine, two ounces of marijuana, and 30 to 50 prescription pills.

Armed with a warrant, police searched 54 Road to the Plains in Edgartown and arrested Lance P. Ragsdale, 41, of Idaho. Mr. Ragsdale has no family or other ties to the Vineyard, according to the police report. Police found a scale, hundreds of small baggies, and log books of drug sales.

Detective Sergeant Chris Dolby said the arrest followed a brief investigation, based on information gathered by Officer Ryan Ruley. Det. Sgt. Dolby said it was the first time he had encountered the highly addictive crystal meth on the street.

The sergeant said it does not appear Mr. Ragsdale was selling the drug. “He admitted he has a bad meth habit,” Mr. Dolby said.

Mr. Ragsdale has three prior methamphetamine arrests on his record and a prior court default, police said.

As of Wednesday, Mr. Ragsdale was being held in the Dukes County Jail on a $5000 bond.