One injured in Oak Bluffs car accident

One injured in Oak Bluffs car accident

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— Photo by Don Persson

The driver of a late model Nissan SUV was taken by ambulance to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital late Wednesday afternoon, after the vehicle struck a utility pole along Sea View Avenue.

The accident happened about 6 pm. The driver was traveling west on Sea View Avenue, toward the Steamship Authority ferry terminal. The driver struck the pole head on, with substantial damage to the front of the SUV.

The force of the impact sheared the pole off at its base. Utility crews were called to secure the utility lines so the vehicle could be removed.

The identity of the injured driver was not available.

Police shut down a short section of the roadway, but were able to reroute traffic around the accident scene.


  1. interesting.. there have been some recent articles about utility poles and the wisdom of burying them.

    1. But, then we’d have to bury all the seawalls , they would have hit that next.

      1. he would have sideswiped that seawall , damaged the vehicle, walked away from it, not incurred thousands of dollars for the ambulance ride and medical treatment that some insurance company paid for.

        Nstar will also have to replace that pole.

        So lets think about it … if the auto insurance co. pays out for a total loss on this vehicle, do you think that comes out of the pocket of the ceo of that company, or do you think your auto insurance rate will be raised next year ?

        if the medical insurance co. pays out for whatever expenses this person incurred, do you think that comes out of the pocket of the ceo of that company, or do you think your medical insurance rate will be raised next year ?

        if the electrical distributor pays out for whatever expenses are incurred to replace that pole , do you think that comes out of the pocket of the ceo of that company, or do you think your electrical rate will be raised next year ?

        lets take a look here,

        pretty nice car— perhaps 30 k to auto insurance for total loss

        replace pole, and wiring perhaps 15 k loss to n star

        medical cost..

        at least 1 k for ambulance,

        minimum 5 k to perhaps millions in medical depending on injuries..

        1. I see, it was the pole’s fault, silly me, I thought it was the poor driving. Thanks for clearing that up,but, I don’t think it goes far enough. We’ll move every tree, rock, building at least 50′ from the road and line it with Nerf. We should be doing more to protect people once they leave the road while driving their car.

          1. you are refusing to read what I am saying..
            It is not the poles “fault”. Something happened with the driver of this vehicle, be it inattention, medical, or mechanical failure.

            It doesn’t matter what the cause was.. It’s just not a good idea to deliberately put an obstacle like this that close to the road..

            There is an alternative.

            Your propensity to pass judgement about “poor driving” when you have no idea what happened is clouding your ability to formulate a RATIONAL argument.
            It would be really nice if there were never any accidents, but they don’t call them “deliberates” for a reason.

          2. Is the car wrapped against a pole? Then that’s pretty much the definition of poor driving. I’m plenty capable of making rational and logical arguements, but look who I have to debate on this web site.

            We get it, you have a thing about telephone poles. But, I find it blowing milk out your nose funny when you accuse me of lacking logic and passing judgement. You know what they say about casting the first stone.

          3. It still sounds like its the poles fault. When someone hits a pole and you say the pole shouldn’t be there,that sounds like you are blaming the pole.

          4. He’s also forgetting that when you break a pole, you and your insurance company are paying to replace it (somebody was telling me their friend did it and it cost 16k to replace, on their tab). It doesn’t raise every one elses’ insurance and utility bill.

        2. The pole is the hero, it gave its life to protect the people
          on the sidewalk and beyond who may have been killed or injured. This pole which served continually for decades without complaint should be scene as a thing of beauty whose selfless sacrifice insures that we have light at night, communication with the world and are able to watch the Red Sox while at home. I submit a plaque should be installed on the replacement pole commemorating this heroic event. This new tourist attraction will bring much needed revenue to Oak Bluffs. Additional police officers may be stationed on Seaview Avenue to warn the speeding drivers of the inconsiderate children, adults and animals which may not understand how inconvenient and disruptive they are to auto traffic.

          1. You said, “a plague should be installed on the replacement pole.” What a terrorist notion!

        3. First of all he would not have hit the seawall. If you go to the seen of the accident you will see just beyond the pole the seawall tapers down to sidewalk level. Therefore he would have ended up on the beach and giving the time of day I’m sure there were plenty of women, children and families enjoying themselves. So in reality the pole is the hero in this situation. Second the driver of that vehicle will be responsible for replacing that pole, not the ins. Company and certainly not Nstar it will come out of his pocket. Get it right! And stop thinking about what it is going to cost you. It’s not about you

        4. Also I believe the numbers work to almost 80k per pole to put lines underground. Who’s going to pay for that Dondon?lets be serious it’s cheaper and easier to stay between the lines!

  2. Many people crash into utility poles. There have been several this year on the vineyard . In addition trees are trimmed, limbed, and generally the foliage is taken down making them ugly and depriving drivers of shade and making the pavement hotter than it would have been. They often are placed in the middle of sidewalks so in extreme cases as on Beach road by the harbor the sidewalks are either impeded or just totally gone. The utilities should put them underground for many reasons. It’s pretty callous to not sympathize with an unfortunate driver who is injured as a result of these obstructions.

    1. forgive me for stating the obvious, but if a power pole is in the middle of the side walk, don’t drive on the side walk. of course, you are hearing from someone who crashed into a pole not far from there when the chain on my bike came off unexpectedly and locked my rear wheel. darned rentals.

      1. funny… NOT… Last night my white Jeep; parked on the street under a street light on a straight stretch of road with 25 mph limit was rear-ended and destroyed by a guy who was distracted doing about 50 and oops… that’s all folks.

  3. My tongue was in my cheek, fella. Put yer humor hat on, OK? But I do drive as little as possible, and walk whenever I can.