How Island kids spend the summer


Martha’s Vineyard is a busy place for teens in the summer. Without school and homework, teens need to find other things to fill their time. Some spend their days at the beach or hanging out in Vineyard Haven or Oak Bluffs. Others get jobs to earn money to spend when they are hanging out in Vineyard Haven and Oak Bluffs, and, oh yes, to put toward college, travel trips, or maybe a car.

We wanted to know what nine representative local teenagers are up to this summer. We asked, and this is what they had to say:

Katy Smith, 15, Chilmark, freshman, Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School

“I work a lot at the Texaco in Menemsha and the Good Ship Lollipop in Oak Bluffs.”

In fact, Katy has been working at the Texaco station on Dutcher Dock for two years and at the Good Ship Lollipop for three. It’s a lot of work, so, “I try to relax because I’m always working.”

Katy likes Lucy Vincent, and she has many favorite summertime events, such as the fair, the fireworks, and the 4th of July parade. She was even in the parade this year on the Aquinnah fire truck. She also likes the 4th of July fireworks in Edgartown, Illumination night, The Feast in Oak Bluffs, and Backyard Bash.

What are most local teenagers doing this summer? “Local teens spend their whole summer working their butts off to make money for the winter,” she said.

Are you working toward any specific thing? “We’re all working towards that point in our lives when we get a car. That’s like all I’m thinking right now, is money for a car.”

Sarah Antolick, 17, Edgartown, junior, Falmouth Academy

“I work at Le Grenier restaurant, which has fantastic food, by the way. I bus tables there. Also, I kind of have a nannying position opening up for me. I think it’s going to be fun. I do a group work camp every year for the Group Work Camp Foundation. This is my sixth year, or maybe it’s my fifth year, I’ve kind of lost track. You go places all around America and you meet people from all around America and they put you into this group of people. You don’t know any of them and you have nothing in common with them and you just like hang out for a week and its basically like Habitat for Humanity.”

When Sarah’s not working she likes to go mini-golfing, hang out with friends, and go to the beach. “I’d have to say Lucy Vincent is the best one. But I never get to go there unless friends can bring me. Lambert’s Cove beach is pretty awesome.”

Nicholas Dorr, 16, West Tisbury, sophomore, Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School

“I’ve been going to the beach a lot in my free time. South and Lucy.” Although he likes the beach, he can’t be there all the time. So when Nik isn’t on the south shore he’s hard at work. “I’m working part time for my cousin at Atlantic Pools. It’s pretty fun.” Nik has another way of both spending his time and making some cash. “I’m throwing and selling my pieces. Pottery.”

Nik has been throwing pottery for three years, since his freshman year in high school. “People have bought them, actually.” His pieces usually sell for about $50 each.

Do you like it here in the summer? “It gets really old. I would rather summer somewhere else. I would rather go away for like a month. It is really hot and humid.”

Hunter Wolff, 14, Oak Bluffs, 8th grade, Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School

“Swimming, jumping off the bridge, more swimming, snorkeling, pretty much most of the things that involve water.”

Do you have a job? “No. I was gonna get one but then it takes too much time out of my summer. Towards the end of the summer, I might.”

When he’s not in the water, Hunter likes to hang out with his friends.

Favorite places? “Usually just Ocean Park in the gazebo, around there, and Vineyard Haven sometimes.”

How do you like the summer in comparison to the winter on the Vineyard? “The winter is horrible. Summertime is awesome though, a lot of nice people, a lot of new people to meet, and it’s just fun.”

Malcolm Smith, 17, Aquinnah, sophomore, Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School

“Well this summer I’ve been working about six days a week up at the Aquinnah town parking lot. That takes a lot of time out of my summer. In my spare time I’ve been playing a lot of music. I play music with Pierre, and we played a show at Featherstone Art Gallery, and Nectar’s, which is a step up for us, because it was a 21-plus show, and we’d never played a 21-plus show before. That was kind of a different crowd, that was fun. And I’ve also played a little bit in Bourne, actually.”

When Malcolm is taking a break from his busy schedule, packed with work and music gigs, he likes to hang out with his sister, Hillary. “She works a lot so we don’t get to hang out too often.” Malcolm, crazily enough, also likes to go to the beach when he has the time. “I like Stonewall a lot, I’ve been going there.”

Krista Brown, 18, Vineyard Haven, senior, Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School

“This summer I’m working at Zephrus Restaurant. I’m hostessing, bussing, and serving, so kind of everything.”

When she’s not busy keeping Zephrus in order, Krista likes to catch up on sleep and hang out with her friends.

Are you doing any programs this summer? “This winter, I’m taking a gap year so I’m saving up money to travel.”

Favorite places to hang out? “I like Lambert’s Cove beach, and up-Island.”

How do you stay cool in this heat? “I swim. I go swimming.” She said, as the 80 degree weather, pleasantly accompanied by high humidity, prevailed outside.

Janaye Rooney, 18, West Tisbury, senior, Falmouth Academy

“I’m working at Beadniks in Vineyard Haven. I help people make jewelry and I ring people up at the register and I show people beads.”

Janaye has been working at Beadniks for three summers. She also just graduated from Falmouth Academy on June 12, so she’s off to college soon. She has an exciting trip planned for the near future. “I’m going to Montreal for four days at the end of July just to go for fun with my friends. We were going to go to a music festival, but we’re not sure if we’re doing that anymore.” Music festival or not, Montreal should be fun.

What do you do in your free time? “I like to hang out with friends, I like going to the beach. I play violin. I like guitar too. I just had my senior recital, which was cool. And I’m playing at my neighbor’s local music festival called Chicken Stock. You should all come to Chicken Stock. It is a little folk music festival on Lily Farm Road. The Maxners host it. It’s kind of a potluck. Open to everyone.”

Hudson Bauseman, 14, Edgartown, 8th grade, West Tisbury School

“I like to go to the beach with friends. Play a lot of music and just hang out. I play the drums. I’m in a band called Volume 11, with Josh Bernstein and Alistair Morgan. We mostly cover rock, we play some Nirvana and Led Zeppelin, things like that.”

When Hudson isn’t rocking out with his fellow band mates he’s busy working two jobs. “I’m a counselor at two summer camps, at Camp Jabberwocky and at Sense of Wonder Day Camp.”

How is counseling at Camp Jabberwocky? “Its really fun. I basically grew up there.”

Favorite beaches? “State Beach, or South Beach.”

How is the summer on the Vineyard compared to the winter? “Its awesome during the summertime, but not so great during the winter.”

Clara Maynard, 15, Chilmark, Freshman, Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School

“I like to go to the beach, I like to go to the movies, I like to go in town, and I really like to eat. Eating is one of my favorite things to do. Cuttyhunk is fun, I haven’t gone yet this year, but I like going. I really want to go for the day.”

Are you working anywhere? “I’m working a lot at Woodbe Farm. It’s a private dressage barn. I am one of the only people that work there.”

Clara has a lot of responsibility at the barn, in charge of taking care of not only her own two horses but other horses at the barn as well. She usually ends up riding three or four horses a day, but she loves what she does so it doesn’t feel too much like work.

How is it being a local teen in the summer? “I gave these people on the bus today directions, and they thought it was so cool that I was a local teen. They were like, ‘You live here year-round?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah!'” Clara said the summer is “nice because there’s more stuff to do in the summer. And it stays light later so I can go to the beach at seven o clock at night.”

After the prime beaching hours of the day, beaches are actually very nice. They’re quiet and less crowded, and you don’t need to worry about burning.