Tisbury School looks to fast-track MSBA grant process

Tisbury School representatives are hoping to move forward. – MV Times file photo

Tisbury School officials appeared before selectmen Tuesday night to discuss their recent acceptance into the Massachusetts State Building Authority (MSBA) grant process. They want to fast-track a list of nine items that must occur prior to a public town vote.

Tisbury School committee chairman Colleen McAndrews said the school was given 270 days, starting Feb. 10, to complete a list of nine requirements. Those items must be fulfilled prior to a town vote to appropriate money for initial architectural and project management fees. She said school leaders do not intend to adhere to the 270-day timeline. Instead, they will focus on seeking voter approval at the April 12 annual town meeting.

“We’re hopeful that we’ll be ready for this April’s town meeting, which is obviously before the 270 days,” Tisbury School Principal John Custer said. “All the checklist items need to be satisfied beforehand, and we’re ready to do that, but they need to be done in order.”

Following the town vote, the school must initiate a feasibility study that will include lots of community input and workshops, Ms. McAndrews said. That study will answer many of the lingering questions, such as what type of project it will be, how much it will cost, and how long it will take.

The school representatives were before the selectmen Tuesday looking to complete the first checklist item, an initial compliance certification document that requires the chairman’s review and signature.

“We’re moving quickly, and we were told by the MSBA that is more than appropriate,” Ms. McAndrews said.

The selectmen approved the fast-tracked timeline, and agreed to review and sign the document by next week’s meeting.

In other business, the selectmen set March 15 for a presentation by Tisbury shellfish constable Danielle Ewart regarding the preservation of eelgrass and any recommendations she may have. At a meeting last year the board requested that Ms. Ewart prepare a presentation.

“We asked them to give us a presentation with their recommendations to us, that’s what we said we would do,” chairman Tristan Israel said. “If we codify anything, there will be a public meeting.”