Edgartown approves new oyster farm


Edgartown selectmen unanimously approved an aquaculture license for Liam Cosgrove to farm oysters out at Middle Flats, just north of Eel Pond.

The shellfish committee met with Cosgrove throughout the summer, and approved his plan in October. 

Shellfish constable Paul Bagnall said Cosgrove’s gear was slightly different from what is used in Katama Bay, but is still growing oysters in cages on the bottom of the water.

Cosgrove was born and raised on the Island. For the past two years, he’s been honing his craft with Cottage City Oysters in Oak Bluffs, and is ready to start his own business. Cosgrove is using a different cage style to grow his oysters.

“These leases have actually been available for a few years, but the main reason nobody uses them is because of how exposed they are to the weather,” Cosgrove said. “I’m hoping with this plan we have, we can grow oysters out there year-round. I’m just really excited to get out there and help filter Island waters.”

In other business, selectmen approved the removal of a yellowwood shade tree on 14 Pent Lane. The tree will be replaced with two other shade trees, to be determined after consultation with tree warden and highway superintendent Allan DeBettencourt.