Anti-racism takes patience


To the Editor:
I attended the standing-room-only NAACP panel on microaggressions held at the Hebrew Center on Sunday, March 17. The panel and moderator were excellent, and the audience was well-engaged. Many questions from the audience indicated that the greatest concern was “how to address microaggressions.” Some of the attendees and many Islanders are familiar with the program A Long Talk About the Uncomfortable Truth, and have participated in the program’s free Community Conversations, held monthly. Designed as an anti-racism activation experience, the program provides attendees with practice in its CPR Protocol, a method to disrupt microaggressions of any sort. Having participated in the (free) program a number of times (disclaimer: The founder, Kyle, is my son), I realize that it takes a lot of practice, and mistakes will be made, but it is a beginning (

Jocelyn Coleman Walton, co-chair
MVDC Education Committee