Convicted Boston drug dealer arrested on Martha’s Vineyard

Fernando Jesurum appeared at a bail hearing in Edgartown District Court Wednesday morning. — Photo by Steve Myrick

Members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force arrested Fernando Jesurum, 26, of Boston on drug trafficking charges Tuesday, soon after he stepped off the last Steamship Authority ferry of the evening arriving in Vineyard Haven.

In Edgartown District Court Wednesday, police said the arrest followed an eight-month investigation that included surveillance of Mr. Jesurum arriving frequently on Martha’s Vineyard, where he made connections and sold drugs. Police said Mr. Jesurum previously served five years in prison for trafficking drugs.

At a bail hearing Wednesday, police told the court that Mr. Jesurum was to appear in Dorchester District Court earlier that day. He was released on $10,000 bail from that court in February, after an arrest on cocaine trafficking charges in Boston.

Edgartown District Court Clerk Magistrate Liza Williamson cited the scheduled Boston court appearance and Mr. Jesurum’s previous incarceration and probation violations in setting bail at $40,000 Wednesday in Edgartown District Court.

“He’s demonstrated he has repeatedly distributed and trafficked in cocaine, bringing it to this island when he has no friends here, no job here,” Ms. Williamson said.

Mr. Jesurum is to be arraigned in Edgartown District Court on Thursday morning.

Members of the drug task force, with cooperation from the Boston Police Department Gang Unit and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, observed Mr. Jesurum traveling from his Boston home to Martha’s Vineyard over the past eight months.

On Tuesday evening, they learned that he was on his way to the Island again, and obtained a search warrant.

As he disembarked from the Steamship Authority ferry about 8 pm Tuesday evening, task force members approached him and handcuffed him immediately.

“A pat frisk revealed a large blunt object in the buttocks of Jesurum,” police wrote in a statement of facts. “As officers separated the elastic band from his waist, we could observe a clear plastic baggie sticking out from his buttocks,” police wrote. “This is a common way for individuals to traffic narcotics to the Island.”

Police asked Mr. Jesurum to remove the bag and he agreed.

“Jesurum then began digging around in his buttocks clearly attempting to destroy any evidence,” according to the statement of fact.

Police say they observed a white powder substance falling from the suspect’s shorts.

“At this point officers attempted to remove Jesurum’s hand, but he began to resist. Jesurum was eventually put on the ground. On the way to ground, a very large amount of a white powdery substance along with rock hard white substances fell from Jesurum’s buttock and scattered throughout the ground,” according to the police statement.

Police gathered the cocaine from the ground and later determined that Mr. Jesurum was carrying at least 19 grams of the drug.