One injured in accident at roundabout

One injured in accident at roundabout

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A Pennsylvania driver was injured, then cited for a violation, after the car she was driving struck curbing in the roundabout Monday afternoon.

The Oak Bluffs emergency medical service took Isabella Stenz to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital with minor wrist injuries Monday afternoon.

The accident happened just after noon. Ms. Stenz, 16, was driving, and her father Willard Stenz, who owns the black Honda Civic, was a passenger, traveling from Vineyard Haven on Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road. According to the police report, Ms. Stenz hit the traffic island nearest Barnes Road going toward West Tisbury, on the south side of the intersection.

“I first spoke to Willard Stenz,” officer William Johnson wrote in his report. “Willard stated that his daughter Isabella was operating the vehicle when they came to the roundabout. Isabella panicked and left the travel lane crashing into the granite barrier.”

Police cited Ms. Lenz for a marked lane violation.

The island has curbing in place, but no landscaping. Both front seat airbags deployed when the vehicle hit the curbing, and fluids were leaking, according to the police report.

This is the first accident at the roundabout, which opened to traffic in April, that required an ambulance response, according to Emergency Medical Service chief John Rose.

The roundabout was the subject of heated controversy on Martha’s Vineyard over the past two years, drawing intense and vocal opposition. Since it opened, even some of the most fierce critics agree traffic has moved more smoothly through the roundabout than the four-corner intersection it replaced.


  1. Since it opened, even some of the most fierce critics agree traffic has moved more smoothly through the roundabout than the four-corner intersection it replaced. NOT TODAY !!

    1. I would argue it worked perfectly. Can’t blame good New England engineering for horrid New York driving.

  2. Slow down, you move too fast, you’ve got to make the morning last
    Just kickin’ down the cobble-stones, lookin’ for fun and feelin’ groovy

  3. i used the rotary several times recently and it is much better than the old stop signs…..
    to me, it has proved to be a good decision.

  4. How do you manage to get into a one car accident in a circle? Jeez. I thought New Yorkers had seen it all.

  5. We must get to the bottom of this epidemic of trees, utility poles, and, now, curbs jumping in front of lone, traveling automobiles on this island!!

  6. I think we should name the roundabout something cool and seafare-y. I like “The Helm.”
    ‘Say Chuck, did you read that article about the accident over at The Helm?’
    I’d like to see one of those big ship sterring wheels popping out of the center of it. Maybe, when the econmy comes around, we can hire a guy to stand out there in shipsmate garb to wave hello to all the visitors and spin the big wheel…

      1. ha ha Tom, good one. like I’ve said, the roundabout is cute but pointless. traffic just piles up at either end of the Edg. V.H. Road.
        fyi, there was not a single ambulance call for an auto crash at the four-way stop.

        1. There were 15 -20 calls per year at least, to the four way stop. I am a former first responder in oak bluffs and frequented the four way stop for automobile accidents and not just vacationers but you great island drivers. What a joke get on a highway once in a while. Maybe a stop light? Oh my gosh! Pump my own fuel? How do I do that? What a joke. Get a grip in reality!!

          1. I lived a stone’s throw away from that intersection for a number of years, and I still go through it all the time, and I find it hard to believe that there were “15-20 calls per year” to that intersection after the 4-way stop signs went in. That allegation doesn’t match my observation, and I never heard anything like that mentioned in any news articles when the roundabout was being debated. Just saying.

      1. sorry to break it to you and to the person who wrote the story but I was there and 100% sure about the tags. MICHIGAN NOT NY. Not that I disagree with the stereotype it’s jus not the case here

  7. Doesn’t the roundabout still lack its final couple of inches of paving? If that extra paving had been there, and had earth been filled in behind the curbings, this accident might have been a lot less serious.

    1. If it had had the finished pavement she may have driven right over the Island. Actually that island is referred to as a “Refuge” as that is part of the cyclist/pedestrian crossing. Perhaps leaving a high curb there is not such a bad idea as it could protect those in that “refuge”.

    2. I think the cliffs on the approach to the round d round slow folks down a bit. Either keep them or put in speed tables.

  8. Are there any signs warning drivers that there is unfinished construction ahead ? I mean I drive through there twice a day but I am paying attention to the maniac drivers not the road signs.

  9. I find it hilarious that I know many many Vineyarders that can drive in cities no problem, but the city folks come here and can’t navigate a roundabout or 5 corners or a parking spot without getting traumatized, and then blame the Vineyard. What’s the excuse this time? The GPS made me do it?

    1. Ummm, this is completely untrue. This island creates terrible drivers when they finally get off this rock.

      1. Personally I think it takes some pretty fancy driving to be able to dodge all the completely oblivious pedestrians here every summer, deer every season, dogs, and skunks, creative drivers from out of state, etc. I get to Manhattan or a highway and I’m like “aaaahhhhh….this is sooooo easy. Oh look. A perfect breakdown lane with no bikes or anything in it. Oh look. Nothing jumping out in front of me. Soooooo easy.”

    2. …they all take public transportation, the only time summer dinks drive is when there on vacation. Lucky for us

  10. accidents happen, it’s just a matter of chance. get over it. having said that, her one-car accident was a real New Jersey move.

    1. The young girl just received her drivers permit. May those who have rudely commented never be judged for mistakes they have made while learning.

  11. The girl just received her permit. May those who have rudely commented never be judged for mistakes they have made while learning.