The Gatchell family lights up Christmas for Martha’s Vineyard

The Gatchell family lights up Christmas for Martha’s Vineyard

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A letter to Santa is part of the Gatchell family Christmas display. — Photo by Steve Myrick

Every year, Rob Gatchell of Oak Bluffs wishes the Island a Merry Christmas with a bright and festive light display.

The Gatchell family offers good tidings for thousands who drive through their yard on County Road to see the spectacular lights.

They bring a cup of good cheer to families who rely on the Island Food Pantry, by collecting donations from many who stop by.

If you can, by all means, drive by and look.

If your heart is on Martha’s Vineyard this joyous time of year, but you are not, take a look at the video, and have a happy holiday.


  1. Merry Christmas Rob Gatchell! Beautiful Christmas display! Don’t know if you remember me or not but we worked together at the SSA in the early 80’s. Happy Holidays from Charlie Brown

    1. I do remember you Charlie. You always had a great personality and fun guy to work with. After 31 years at the SSA, I retired. Sometime we’ll swap e mail addresses, but not here.

  2. blessed holidays to the gatchell family! it’s a wonderful thing that you do. used to visit with the kids when they were little. puts one “in the spirit” of giving. thank you!