Tisbury town hall annex on the move


Tisbury town hall annex employees are on the move now through Monday, from their former building on West Spring Street to two temporary trailers at 66 High Point Lane, near the animal control facility and the department of public works.

Town administrator John Bugbee said Tisbury’s Department of Public Works is assisting in the move, which he expects to be completed by Monday. Yesterday he confirmed phones at the temporary annex trailers are working and that town residents could leave messages for annex personnel.

The West Spring Street annex facility, which housed the health department, planning board, and building and zoning office, will be demolished and the site cleared for construction of the town’s new emergency services facility for the fire, ambulance, and emergency management departments.

Tisbury voters approved $115,000 toward the relocation costs at town meeting last year. Although plans originally called for one trailer, annex personnel were concerned about having enough office, storage, and meeting space.

The Tisbury selectmen agreed to two trailers instead. The two trailers combined offer 3,000 square feet of space, about 1,000 square feet more than the old annex.

The total cost for the 24 x 60 foot trailers from William Scotsman in Uxbridge is $65,587, including a year’s lease, delivery, set up, and breakdown and removal, Mr. Bugbee said. Site clearing costs were about $13,200, and electrical work in and around the building will cost about $9,000.

Tisbury voters approved an additional $15,000 toward relocation costs at town meeting Tuesday night.

Anyone with questions or problems reaching a town hall annex department should call Mr. Bugbee at 508-696-4203.