Those who got an early start to putting away their winter wardrobes were not rewarded this past week as temperatures fell back to what we would expect for this time of year. Early peas met with an unforgiving frost, and Friday night, I listened to the song of one brave, albeit lonely, pinkletink. Even the daffodils, those stalwart souls, looked a bit droopy. Luckily, by the time this goes to print, the temperature will be back in the 60s and the general spirit of Spring Fever may recommence.

The annual Town Meeting took place Tuesday night, April 13, at the Whaling Church in Edgartown. We plowed through 63 warrant articles in just over two hours with relatively little debate. I found it helpful at the beginning of the meeting when Alan Gowell, member of the Board of Assessors, explained the effect that passing all the articles would have on the average annual tax bill. With so many pages of numbers to sift through, it was nice to have someone put it into perspective.

Those present heartily offered standing ovations to two people who have served the town well for numerous years: Nancy Shemeth and Paul Condlin. Nancy has served as park commissioner for 27 years, aiding in the smooth operations of our beaches and recreational areas, while Paul has spent 33 years with our police force, the last 10 of which he has manned the helm as chief. Thank you, Nancy, for your years of dedication and service. I’m sure I will have more to say about Chief as his actual retirement date approaches in August, but it was great to be amid the town-wide display of appreciation.

The library project continues to be a hot topic to many and a mystery to others. The library will be holding meetings that all are welcome to attend Mondays at 8:30 am, beginning April 26 at the Edgartown Library. Feel free to bring your questions and become a part of this important town undertaking.

Adam Darack, Edgartown’s Information Technology Manager, spoke about the town’s newly adopted Urgent Notification System, through which you may opt to receive text messages in the event of an emergency or other urgent issue. To sign up, you can text the word ALERT to 68398, or click the link listed on the town’s home page. For more information, contact Adam at the Town Hall, 508-627-6198.

One final word on Town Meeting: I’m sure I am not alone in my gratitude toward Jeff Norton, Town Moderator, for never failing to keep town meetings moving right along with humor and haste. He really makes bearable what could otherwise be a long and tedious night, and I’m thankful for it.

Jen Rankow and Tim Klein are back from a long vacation in St. Bart’s, where Tim was sailing in the Les Voiles de Saint Barth’s race, while Jen relaxed on the beach and read lots of books. Tim has popped home for a quick hello before setting back out, this time to Antigua Race Week.

The streets are becoming a dangerous and exciting place with new drivers popping up every day. Connor Smith recently received his Learner’s Permit, while Haley Krauss is sporting a newly minted license. Hands on two and ten, guys, and don’t forget to use your signal.

Alison Smith hosted a baby shower for Jamie Murray on Saturday. We shared a lot of laughs while oohing and ahhing tiny shirts and hats and teddy bears. Jamie and husband Ian are expecting their first child in June. We can’t wait to see the little one on the beach this summer.

The ladies’ weekend fun continued Sunday, when Patricia Giumarra had several of us over for a spa day, at which her sister Diane and friend Monique, both visiting from Maine, introduced the group to various lotions and potions. We came away relaxed, rejuvenated, and looking forward to next time.

I’m excited to know what everyone has been up to for school vacation week, so be sure and pop me an email so that I can report your fun times to the masses.

Thank you for all the kind words about my first column. I’m excited to be onboard and look forward to reporting for this lovely town o’ mine for a long time to come. I hope you’ll all continue to enjoy and keep giving me fun things to write about.