A community that cares and acts


To the Editor:

It is with a heavy heart and great pride that I write this letter about the tragic bicycle accident last week in Tisbury. It was heartbreaking to witness the incomparable pain of the loss of a wife, mother, and good friend in an accident that struck without warning or preparation in the midst of a carefree day here on the Vineyard.

But the response of the Island community coming to the aid of these victims, and their police, fire and EMT rescuers was, as usual for the Vineyard, without parallel. The owners of Mac Sales provided initial shelter, followed quickly by Steve Perlman at the Hanover House, taxi service by Jeff Early at All Island Taxi, and transportation by the Patriot boats, aided by Ralph Packer. Meanwhile a professional crisis team from Hospice of MV quickly arrived with their tender, hands-on embrace to help these families through this extraordinary crisis in their lives.

There is yet still more that I would ask of the community that is so willing to give. There were many witnesses to this accident who were undoubtedly traumatized by what they saw and heard. It is quite normal to experience strong emotional repercussions from such an event. If you are such a person or are close to someone who may be suffering, please offer them time and a caring ear or suggest that there are resources to help them cope such as Hospice or Island Counseling Center. Thanks for being the kind of community that cares and then acts.

Melinda Loberg

Vineyard Haven