Urges pre-war approach to environment and economy


To the Editor:

When considering the status of the nation’s three “E’s” — energy, environment, and the economy — one might be forgiven for getting discouraged.

Major steps are being taken to improve the condition of these interrelated areas and there may be reason for optimism, but I, for one, would like to see us go all out remedy-wise.

For example, the massive reindustrialization of America at the onset of WWII, a time when the country was still in the grip of the Great Depression, was brought about by FDR’s Executive Order #9024, creating the War Production Board.

Similarly, President Obama could, also by executive order, establish an Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Production Board — a program to put people back to work on a wartime mobilization scale, while tackling energy and environmental issues head-on in the bargain.

That would get my vote.

Thomas N. SullivanVineyard Haven