The Hospice Benefit Tennis Tourney


For the first time in it’s 6-year history, a division for 14-year-old and younger tennis players was included in the All-Island Tennis Championships to benefit Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard.

Tournament Director, Mas Kimball, said, “It was time to include the junior players. This is the future of tennis here on the Island, and we should do whatever we can to encourage their participation. I am happy to say that the Junior division was well represented by eight teams so we plan to add another Junior division next year for the 12-and-under age group.”

The tournament usually runs from Friday to Sunday, but Hurricane Earl caused tournament organizers to consider pushing the tournament back one day. Frantic phone calls were made to the 110 players to determine whether they could play on Monday. Once it was determined that most players could, all matches were cancelled on Friday and the tournament started on Saturday, to conclude on Monday. Still, there were a dozen players who were leaving the Island late Sunday or early Monday, so scheduling matches was a Herculean task.

“Without the assistance of a USTA computer program which I use to organize the tournament, it would be extremely difficult to schedule … thank goodness for computers” quipped Mas Kimball.

On Saturday and Sunday, players not only had to contend with strong-willed opponents but the strong winds left over from Earl. Players with high service tosses were at a distinct disadvantage, and slow balls, which the wind could blow around, caused comical gyrations while players were trying to hit the ball. Sunday ended with beautiful weather and many hotly contested finals matches.

Mas Kimball, organizer and director of the tournament, thanks the many sponsors and volunteers who contributed to the success of this event, raising more than $8,000 for Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard. And a special thanks to Island Food Products, a perennial sponsor of Island tournaments, Farm Neck Golf Club and Vineyard Youth Tennis for donating the courts, and Barbara Leonard, who single-handedly ran the tournament matches at Vineyard Youth Tennis.

Tournament Results:MAIN DRAWSJUNIOR-Co-ed Doubles: Winners: Axel Cooperrider / Connor Downing 6-1, 6-1Runners up: Nainoa Cooperrider / Ailee MendozaROUGH-Men’s Singles: Winner: Tim Penicaud 6-1, 6-3Runner-up: Randy WilliamsROUGH-Men’s Doubles: Winners: Paul Adler / Christo Schultz 6-3, 6-3Runners up: Drew Hendrickson / Kent LeonardROUGH-Women’s Doubles: Winners: Debbie Cooper / Sue Kimball 6-2, 7-6Runners up: Sue Blackerby / Linda LeahyROUGH-Mixed Doubles: Winners: Liz Roberts / Jack Roberts 6-2, 6-3Runners up: Sue Kimball / Arthur StaffordTOUGH-Men’s Singles: Winner: Robert Kenney 6-7; 7-5; 10-8 (tiebreak)Runner-up: Craig RiversTOUGH-Women’s Doubles: Winners: Sally Anderson / Mary Breslauer Round RobinRunners up: Elaine Cashin / Samantha PotterTOUGH-Mixed Doubles: Winners: Darren Belisie / Lucia Hayman 6-4; 6-1Runners up: Pam Monahan / Ken MonahanSMOOTH-Women’s Singles: Winner: Chizu Mendoza 6-2, 6-4Runner-up: Julie LivelySMOOTH-Men’s Doubles: Winners: Reggie Belgrave / Thomas Montiero 6-3, 7-5Runners up: Russell Hawkins / Worthy Patterson

SMOOTH-Women’s Doubles: Winners: Anne Williamson / Natalie Krauthamer 6-4, 3-6, 11-9 (tie breaker)

Runners-Up: Sarah Moore, Suzanne FaracaSMOOTH-Mixed Doubles: Winners: Reggie Belgrave / Delia Squire 6-4, retiredRunners up: Gene Erez / Kathy LattanziCONSOLATION DRAWSJUNIOR-Co-ed Doubles: Winners: Zak Danz / Owen Hess 6-2, 7-5Runners up: Molly Debettencourt / J. Kiric HallahanROUGH-Men’s Singles: Winner: Eric Gong 6-3; 6-4Runner-up: Dusty BurkeROUGH-Men’s Doubles: Winners: Arthur Stafford / Randy Williams 6-1, 6-4Runners up: Jack Roberts / John RobertsROUGH-Women’s Doubles: Winners: Elizabeth McBride / Laura Schroeder 6-2, 6-3Runners up: Ellen Bresnick / Carol GuthrieROUGH-Mixed Doubles: Winners: Kimberly Bevan / Luke Morgan (uncontested)TOUGH-Men’s Singles: Winner: Rob Peirce 7-5; 6-0Runner-up: Steve DantzigTOUGH-Mixed Doubles: Winners: Tony Omer / Laura Schroeder 7-5, 6-1Runners-up: Sara Caledonia / Scott NicolSMOOTH-Women’s Singles: Winner: Susan Johnson (uncontested)SMOOTH-Men’s Doubles: Winners: JD Haddon / James Haddon (Withdrawal-injury)Runners-up: Bill Mallory / James PrichardSMOOTH-Mixed Doubles: Winners: Jeannie Holenko / Ed Swan 6-3, 6-3Runners-up: Mike Marchand / Lisa Reagan