Junior High sports loom


The interscholastic sport season begins Friday, September 17 as the several Martha’s Vineyard grammar schools compete in a series of dual Track and Field meets at the high school oval. The final meet is an all-school, four-way competition — five, if the Charter school joins the fray.

In 2009 the West Tisbury boys shaded the Oak Bluffs boys, 37-32. The Tisbury and Edgartown boys trailed, with 16 and 3 points.

The Oak Bluffs girls placed first with a total of 42.5 points, just three and a half points better than West Tisbury’s 39. The Edgartown and Tisbury girls were out of the running with three and two points.

But that was last year. Competition in the interscholastics has known wide swings from year to year making predictions risky and assumptions foolhardy.