Tisbury School Walking Club honors five

(Left to right) Jennyfer Balbino, Doug Norton, Devon Teves, Julia Kane, and Bryce Nightlinger. — Photo courtesy of Tisbury School

The top five walkers in the Tisbury School Walking Club were honored Monday afternoon at Owen Park with a pizza party and an awards ceremony.

Bryce Nightlinger, Jennyfer Balbino and Dougie Norton earned their 100-Mile tokens. Julia Kane Logged 88 miles over the course of the school year, and Devon Teves rounded out the top five with 87 miles.

Bryce got the Perfect Attendance Award. The eager fourth grader never missed a Monday or Thursday of Walking Club, from November through June. Devon Teves took home the Best Sportsmanship Award for his positive attitude and kindness to everyone in the club.