Poet’s Corner: May 13


May 13

On this sly May day

Cold wind from Canada

Rackets down the North Shore

Across the water where

A sailboat tacks against the tide.

The oak has leaves

The size of a mouse ear;

Frail shad blossoms

Last about a week,

Then blow away.

Yellow jonquils and finches

Flare in the bare woods

And the broom you planted

Will bloom golden next month.

Forty Six years ago

It was this same crazy Spring,

And holding you, I heard a parade

Over on Fifth Avenue.

I looked at your newborn face

And knew I was sunk;

Helplessly in love

With someone who would leave.

Elinore Standard

From Updown Dogtown

Author, editor, and poet Elinore Standard and her husband, Michael, have been seasonal residents of Chilmark for 45 years. For many summers, they were here with their son, Sam, now 46.

The Martha’s Vineyard Times welcomes contributions to Poet’s Corner. Dan Waters, former poet laureate of West Tisbury, will select poems to be published here. Submissions should be directed to dan@indianhillpress.com.