Poet’s Corner: Summer House



A grey lady of well-worn wood

on the harbor bluff,

three stories tall,

a jumble of gables and dormers,

grew with our family.

Births, deaths, marriages,

and divorces were recorded there.

A hundred years’ worth.

Beaten by weather,

a romantic symbol of bygone years,

unchanged in a changing world.

At once magical and sad,

a gift to us,

with memories of summers past.

The sign read,



We pulled away.

Michael Achille

Michael Achille retired from the academic world in 1988. He is a year-round resident of Oak Bluffs, and his poems have appeared in a range of periodicals . His first book of poems, “It’s What I Do” was published in 1995. A second book, “Scraps and Rags” was published in 2005.

The Martha’s Vineyard Times welcomes contributions to Poet’s Corner. Dan Waters, former poet laureate of West Tisbury, will select poems to be published here. Submissions should be directed to dan@indianhillpress.com.