Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club results


The fall/winter duplicate bridge “circuit” on Martha’s Vineyard is welcoming a new afternoon gathering bringing to three the number of chances each week that players have to keep their bridge skills sharp.

The brand-new Edgartown Bridge Club (EBC), created, managed and directed by Gail Farrish, will begin play at 1 pm, Monday, Nov. 5 at the Edgartown Yacht Club. “Everybody is welcome and the game will be geared for new duplicate players,” Mrs. Farrish said.

On Thursday, October 25 at the Island Bridge Club (IBC) game twenty six players were on hand. Nancy Neil and Barbara Silk, playing east/west took first place overall with a 61.25 percent average game. Also playing east/west, Ency and Robert Fokos came in second for that direction and Anita Persson and Foster Greene took third.

Across the tables, playing north /south, Gail Farrish and Patsy McCornack came in first with a 60.36 percent average game (ranking second overall). Dotti Arnold and Cheryl Neal took second place north/south and Gerry Averill and Carol Whitmarsh came in third in that direction.

On Tuesday, October 23 at the Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club (MVBC) , Deirdre Ling and Ed Russell took first place overall with a 60.65 percent average game. Cecily Greenaway and Bill Blakesley came in second (57.87 percent) and David Donald and Michel Riel took third place (57.41 average game). Five tables were in play.

Both the Tuesday and Thursday night games are sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League(ACBL). The Monday afternoon game will also be ACBL sanctioned.

The Island Bridge Club is reminding players that during the month of November there will be no game charge but still plenty of snacks.

Tip of the week

Life Master Mollie Whalen provided four tips for dealing with an opponent’s overcall. This is the final option: “If responder bids a new suit it promises at least five cards in that suit. For example, opener (your partner) bids one diamond. The opponent overcalls one heart . If responder bids one spade that promises at least five spades. With only four spades, responder should double. If, in order to bid your five card suit you must go to the 2-level, partnership understandings about how many points are needed to bid at the two-level should be followed. For instance, opener bids 1 diamond; opponent overcalls 1 spade and you have five hearts. You should only bid 2 hearts, according to your partnership agreement, on 2-over-1 bidding. If you are weaker than that agreed upon point count, you should double (implying only 4 hearts). ”

The MVBC game (sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League) is held on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm at the Stone Church in Vineyard Haven. Admission is $4. Contact Sue at 508693-9396 or for assistance in finding an available partner.

The IBC game (also sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League) is held Thursday evenings at 7pm at the Up Island Council on Aging Howes House in West Tisbury. Players needing a partner are urged to contact Gerry at 508-693-2889 or by noon on Wednesday for assistance.

With the exception of November’s free games the fee to play is $5.

The EBC will be held on Monday afternoons starting at 1pm. at the Edgartown Yacht Club. Come with a partner. The game will cost $6. Questions contact Mrs. Farrish at (508) 627-5476.