Tisbury Police warn residents of thefts from unlocked cars


“Keep your car locked,” is the message Tisbury Police want to get out to residents following a recent rash of reported thefts.

On Wednesday, Tisbury Police Sgt. Tim Stobie said the department had received seven reports of items taken from unlocked cars. The incidents occurred on Greenwood Avenue, Hvoslef Way, Chase Lane, Briarwood Lane, and Lake Street.

Neighbors told police about other thefts yet to be confirmed with the car owners, Sergeant Stobie said. No locked cars were robbed.

“Not a lot was stolen, but someone’s been going through glove compartments in unlocked cars in people’s yards,” he said. A purse, backpack, foldable filet knife, and pruning saw are among the items stolen.

“If anyone has seen anything suspicious or has any information, please feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to do what we can to track down any leads,” Sergeant Stobie said. The number is 508-696-4240.