Chilmark town election brings no surprises

— File photo by Tim Johnson

Chilmark voters went to the polls Tuesday to do double duty. The town election was pushed back one week to coincide with the special state primary.

The town election had no election contests. The three Proposition 2.5 questions on the ballot passed easily.

A total of 256 of Chilmark’s 912 voters, or about 30 percent, went to the polls. In a followup to annual town meeting on April 22, voters spent freely.

They said yes to a request for $300,000 to fund the operating budget of the Up-Island Regional School District, 184-65.

Yes again for $80,000 to pay for repairs to the Chilmark School,184-66.

And voters went along with a request for $31,000 to buy and equip a new police vehicle, 185-67.

Write-in votes filled several open spots on the election ballot.

Thomas Bena (six votes) and Linda Coutinho (three) topped write-in candidates for two open seats on the finance and advisory committee.

Rodney Bunker (12) was the top write-in candidate for cemetery commissioner.

Elected with no contest: selectman, Jonathan E. Mayhew (212); board of assessors, Clarissa M. Allen (211); board of health, Katherine Lees Carroll (217); board of health, Matthew E. Poole (203); trustee of public library, J. Norman Freed (189); fence viewer, Samuel Feldman (185); planning board, Janet L. Weidner (216); site review committee, Clarissa M. Allen, (204); tree warden, Keith L. Emin (218).