Edgartown police investigate break-in attempt at jewelry store


Edgartown police are investigating an attempted break-in at Claudia, a jewelry store at 51 Main Street.

When police answered an alarm at 4:25 am Tuesday, they found a double-bolted door damaged.

“Somebody tried to force their way in, which rendered both deadbolts bent,” Det. Sgt. Chris Dolby said. “They eventually set off the alarm and took off before the police got there.” No one got into the building, he said. Video surveillance cameras in the area may give police leads.

Mr. Dolby said there are no other recent reports of break-ins at businesses in the downtown area, but police are investigating a break-in at a North Water Street house on May 2. In that case, someone smashed a window, reached in and opened a deadbolt lock, then entered.

Police are working with the owners of the seasonal house to determine if anything was stolen.