Long derelict sailboat met its maker Saturday morning

Heavy equipment operator Joe Andrade reduced a long abandoned sailboat to rubble Saturday morning at the Lagoon Pond launch ramp. — Photo by Nelson Sigelman

A long abandoned sailboat in Lagoon Pond, its hull encrusted with years of thick marine growth, was hauled out, broken up and carted away as trash Saturday morning.

Tisbury harbor master Jay Wilbur said the abandoned Bristol sailboat was anchored for years in the Lagoon, where it was occasionally vandalized and used for parties. When Hurricane Sandy threatened the Island the sailboat, a potential hazard, was towed to a town mooring.

On Saturday, the boat was removed at town expense. Mr. Wilbur said it is unfortunate that taxpayers had to pick up the tab but at some point the boat needed to be removed.

The timing was dictated by tides and the availability of the front-end loader, Mr. Wilbur said.