A good cause draws 12 for New Year’s plunge

A dozen Islanders took the plunge for charity on New Year's Day. — Photo by Steve Myrick

Updated 9:40 pm, Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A dozen hardy souls took a frigid plunge into Vineyard Sound to kick off the New Year, in an annual dip in the ocean organized by Robert Baker of the Woodland Variety and Grill. The air temperature was 28 degrees, and the water temperature about 40 degrees.

This year, the inimitable “Mikey” Waters joined the plunge, in an effort to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project an organization that helps disabled veterans.

Mr. Waters apologized to the crowd of supporters because he couldn’t find his Harley Davidson boxer shorts, but made do with a pair of bright green Christmas light boxers pulled over his long underwear.

“I had a little extra protection due to my health issues,” Mr. Waters wrote later in a thank you message to his supporters. “If I can do something a little crazy and foolish to raise money and support them, then it’s on.”

There appeared to be courage in numbers, when the group sprinted together toward the water at 11 am sharp. Everyone dove under the surface, but no one stayed in very long. The group turned and sprinted back up the beach toward towels and dry clothes.

Veteran plungers left their vehicles running on Beach Road, with heaters at full blast. Several said a hot shower awaited them at home.

This article was updated to reflect that the organizer of the annual New Year’s Day dip is Robert Baker.