MVC concludes Water Street affordable housing project hearing

This dilapidated house will be replaced by a six bedroom affordable apartment building. — Photo by Michael Cummo

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission (MVC) concluded a public hearing Thursday night on a proposal by the Island Housing Trust (IHT) to build a six-unit affordable housing rental apartment building at 6 Water Street, in-between AA Car Rental Company and Stop & Shop. The MVC reviewed the project as a development of regional impact.

The commissioners discussed the project for over 90 minutes. Points of discussion included the design, building height, the number of units, a lack of greenery and the need for a walkway.

Hearing chairman Linda Sibley of West Tisbury said she would keep the written record for the hearing open until 4 pm, Monday, July 14 in the event anyone else wants to submit additional comments. The MVC’s land use planning committee will conduct a post-hearing review of the project at 5:30 pm that evening.

The full commission’s deliberations and decision on the affordable housing development will take place at a meeting next week on Thursday, July 17, starting at 7:30 pm. The plan still faces review by the Tisbury zoning board.

IHT is anxious to move forward with the project, in the works for almost two years,  in order to secure state and federal funding.