Interview with a summer girl, at summer's end

And some tips on finding friends at the beach.

Olivia Warnick is lovingly squeezed between her grandparents, Irene and Bob Hungerford of Chilmark. Photo by Valerie Sonnenthal

I live near Irene and Bob Hungerford in Chilmark, and always enjoy watching them walk their two Clydesdale horses to and from their daily pasture. A few weeks ago I was surprised to see a young lady riding one of the horses. It turned out to be Olivia Wanick, their granddaughter, age 10, visiting them for her one-month August stay.

This summer she flew here on a direct flight from Washington, D.C., by herself, and returned home in time to start back to school and see her friends on Sept. 5. Olivia is tall for her age, very poised, and agreed to chat with me at the end of her visit.

Valerie: What’s a normal day when you are here?

Olivia: A normal day for me when I’m here is cleaning out some of the horses’ stalls, doing the horse barn at Captain Flanders, probably going to the beach, then we come home and have dinner, watch a movie, and then it’s time for book club.

Valerie: What are some of your favorite books you’ve been reading this summer?

Olivia: “The Hardy Boys” and “The Flying Beaver Brothers.”

Valerie: Did you bring the books with you from home, or check them out of the Chilmark Library?

Olivia: I only bring three books from home, and get the rest out from the library.

Valerie: I certainly know “The Hardy Boys,” but can you tell me a little about “The Flying Beaver Brothers”? Is it a series?

Olivia: It’s a series where the Flying Beaver Brothers have adventures trying to stop people from destroying the island they live on.

Valerie: Ah, so is the island like Martha’s Vineyard?

Olivia: Well, they live on an island with a lot of seagulls and crabs.

Valerie: You did the Summer Reading program at the library; did you get a prize this year?

Olivia: I got a T shirt, because I already have the tote bag from last summer.

Valerie: Do you have a favorite beach?

Olivia: Lucy Vincent.

Valerie: And do you have a favorite place you like to get ice cream, and what flavor?

Olivia: The Galley [with a big smile]. I like the twist [classic chocolate and vanilla].

Valerie: What’s your favorite part of your summer stay?

Olivia: The fair [the Ag Fair]. I love the fair. This year my best friend went on the Zipper with me, but she didn’t feel very good after.

Valerie: Is this a best friend from home, or someone you met here?

Olivia: I met her at the beach.

Valerie: Is it easy to make friends at the beach?

Olivia: You have to look for someone on a boogie board or digging holes.