‘Eat, Paint, Love Your Body’: A Martha’s Vineyard one-day retreat

Jan Buhrman (left) and Melissa D'Antoni. —Photos by Randi Baird and Sara Hufford

On Dec. 5, from 9:30 am until 5:30 pm, The Kitchen Porch will host a one-day retreat at the Chilmark Community Center with Jan Buhrman and Melissa D’Antoni. The workshop will immerse women in a day of cooking and painting. No artistic experience or skill level is necessary, as the main focus of the workshop is to create and celebrate through painting and eating. The Times chatted with Ms. Buhrman about the workshop.

How did the idea to combine cooking and painting come about?

Cooking and painting are both fun, colorful, creative forms of nourishment and self-expression for the body and soul. Both are active practices for self-care: physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Painting and cooking awaken all the senses and connect us to our whole body experience, and are wonderful modalities for women to participate in when exploring our relationship to our bodies.
Do you have to be either a cook or an artist to attend?

No cooking or art experience is necessary. Beginners are welcome.
What are the goals of the workshop?

The purpose of the retreat is to create a safe space for women to gather in community to have fun while exploring our relationship with our bodies, food, and the ways we nourish ourselves, families, and communities through creativity and pleasure. By tuning into the wisdom of our body through the senses, we can awaken to a renewed experience of ourselves, letting go of limited, outdated beliefs about cooking and eating, in order to make more empowered choices in our lives and in the world.
Will there be artwork to take home created by students?

Yes, all participants will take home a painting.

What’s the menu going to look like?

As with all Kitchen Porch events, the food is always about the seasons, farm to fork, simple, and highlighting the freshness of the ingredient. The menu includes whole foods that are energizing and healing. We will cook a meal together that is brimming with ingredients that are proven to protect and heal. We will make a vegetarian soup, create a great vegetarian side dish, and have available Vineyard teas and warm snacks that nourish us. We will awaken our senses through bold flavors like ginger and cinnamon, and we are sure to use many of the colors of our palate that protect, and are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-powered.Prices for the retreat start at $333. For more information or to register, visit bit.ly/EatPaintLove.