Edgartown pitbull quarantined after unprovoked attack on neighbor

Paulo Miranda holds the shirt a 5-year-old gray pitbull named Jaxx tore when the dog bit him on the arm.

Paulo Miranda of High Road in Edgartown was treated at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for a dog bite after a 5-year-old gray pitbull named Jaxx ran up to him and bit him on the arm as he walked to his car while talking to his wife on his cell phone about 9:45 am Monday morning.

Jaxx is currently quarantined in the Edgartown pound, where he will remain until Christmas Eve.

Jaxx belongs to Mr. Miranda’s neighbor, Brian Scott, who was not home at the time of the attack, Edgartown animal control officer (ACO) Barbara Prada told The Times.

Mr. Miranda said the dog suddenly came at him. He attempted to block the dog with a bag he was carrying, but the dog bit his arm after the first failed attack. “I kicked him and got in the car really fast,” Mr. Miranda told The Times. “I got in through the door and it was still barking and attacking the car door.”

Mr. Miranda said he called 911 and Betsy Buck, assistant to the ACO, responded to High Road. Ms. Buck took the dog to the pound to test for infections or diseases. She told Mr. Miranda to go to the hospital and have his wound treated.

“At the hospital, [the nurse] said I was lucky, because the dog didn’t bite on fully or shake, because they’re very strong,” Mr. Miranda said.

Mr. Scott’s roommate took Jaxx and two other dogs outside to play in the unseasonably warm weather, but did not put any of the dogs on a leash, Ms. Prada said. After the attack, Mr. Scott arrived home and waited for animal control to arrive. Mr. Miranda said Mr. Scott apologized and told him the dog had never done anything like that before. Mr. Scott told Ms. Prada he always leashes all three of his dogs when he takes them out, because Jaxx has a tendency to be intimidated by males.

Mr. Miranda said he does not want to cause any trouble, but he was scared of the dogs because he has been bitten by different dogs in the past. If Mr. Miranda doesn’t file any charges, Jaxx will go home after the 10-day quarantine expires.

“The dog has been around outside before. It’s never been violent before, I think this is the first time, or I hope so,” Mr. Miranda said.