Police investigate theft from mailboxes along Lambert's Cove Road

Police are investigating the theft of mail from a post office box on Lambert's Cove Road.

Tisbury Police are investigating the theft of mail from mailboxes on Lambert’s Cove Road in Tisbury.

“It’s an active investigation, we’re just getting started,” Tisbury Police Detective Kindia Roman told The Times Tuesday. “It appears to be limited to Lambert’s Cove Road. We hope to know more in a few days.”

Sheriff’s Meadow executive director Adam Moore said that sometime between Saturday morning and Monday morning, mail for the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation was stolen.

West Tisbury Detective Matt Gebo said his department is also looking into the theft. Detective Gebo said a member of the West Tisbury highway department picked up a bundle of mail on Indian Hill Road. Police have yet to make a connection. “We’re looking into it now,” Detective Gebo told The Times in a telephone conversation Monday afternoon.

The timing of the theft is particularly damaging for the nonprofit land organization. “About a quarter of our donations come in December, particularly toward the end of the month,” Mr. Moore told The Times on Monday. “Even though we do get some donations online, the majority of our donations come in the mail.”

Mr. Moore said when he reported the theft to police he was informed that other mail thefts had taken place on Lambert’s Cove Road over the weekend.

“The postmaster said there was a report of mail being scattered down near Makonikey, but none of it was addressed to us,” he said.
Mr. Moore asks that anyone who has mailed a check to Sheriff’s Meadow in the last week or so contact him personally at his office (508-693-5207), on his cell phone (508-280-7883), or via email: moore@sheriffsmeadow.org.

“Hopefully people will contact me so we can track this down,” he said, adding that this is the first time mail has been stolen from Sheriff’s Meadow.

“Donors can feel comfortable sending contributions in the mail because now all of our mail will be held at the post office,” he said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Tisbury Police at 508-696-4240 or West Tisbury Police at 508-693-0020.