L.A. Brown Photography

Lisa "L.A." Brown shoots island scenes and displays her photographs in authentic reclaimed wood. – Lisa Brown

L.A. Brown’s photography captures the light and whimsy in each moment. Originally a painter, L.A. initially found time to paint on her photography, and soon focused her art in that medium. Since 1986, L.A. has shot picturesque Island scenes as well as images captured around the world. Lisa considers herself an “old style” photographer, with minimal use of digital photography. She captures her images in the camera, not on the computer. Her work is framed in authentic reclaimed wood that seamlessly complements her work. L.A. also makes charming and durable dishtowels and aprons adorned with her classic images.

L.A.’s work can be found at the Night Heron Gallery and the Vineyard Artisans Festival. Prices range from $17 to $1,800. 508-627-1977, redlab@labphoto.com.