Lane closures to resume on Lagoon Pond Bridge

Electric clams were responsible for keeping the Lagoon Pond Bridge stuck in the up position for several hours, just after midnight on Saturday. Photo by David Welch

Updated: Monday, August 1, 4 pm

Drivers beware—the lines at the Lagoon Pond Drawbridge are about to get even longer, because yet another set of lane closures is scheduled this Wednesday through Friday. Tisbury selectman and Lagoon Pond drawbridge committee member Melinda Loberg said lane closures are for work on bridge joints. Closures are likely again next Wednesday and Thursday.

In addition, drivers should be aware that from now until Sept. 15, significant delays are also possible during bridge openings during the following time periods:

8:15 am to 8:45 am

10:15 am to 11 am

3:15 pm to 4 pm

5 pm to 5:45 pm

7:30 pm to 8 pm

If boat traffic is heavy, there may be more than one opening in any given time slot. Bridge tenders will limit each opening to 15 minutes. In the event of an approaching major storm, openings will be at the discretion of the bridge tender. Construction and/or maintenance may require an unscheduled opening.

Work began on the bridge more than 10 years ago. It was due to be completed in mid-June.