Oak Bluffs selectmen hold seasonal taxpayer meeting Tuesday

In this file photo, a driver puts a model of the new Oak Bluffs beach rake though its paces on Pay Beach. — Sam Moore

The Oak Bluffs annual summer resident taxpayers meeting will be held on Tuesday afternoon, August 9, at the Oak Bluffs library meeting room, utilizing a new format in which residents may speak to department heads individually.

The board of selectmen will convene their regular meeting at 4:30 pm, and at 5 pm, after brief opening remarks by the selectmen, seasonal residents will be invited to speak to the various department heads, who will be sitting at separate tables. The department heads will have written summaries of the past year’s activity, and will be available for suggestions, comments, and feedback.

Chairman of the selectmen Gail Barmakian said she hopes the new format will create more engagement between town officials and seasonal residents. “Not everybody feels comfortable standing in front of a room full of people to speak their mind,” she said. “I’m hoping there can be more constructive discussions with more back-and-forth. We’d like this to feel more informal and more social. That’s how I like this town to be.”