Downward doggy disappointment


To the Editor:

Imagine my shock and disappointment when I arrived at the West Tisbury Farmers Market last Wednesday, June 28. My mom attached my leash to the picket fence at the side of the market and walked away. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It seems that she, too, was shocked when she saw a brand-new, most unwelcome sign that read, “No dogs allowed.” I barked in righteous indignation at such heartlessness.

I started going to that market when I was a pup nine years ago. I loved meeting other dogs and greeting humans who bent down to say a friendly word. Mom was very happy to see me so happy. Neither she nor I ever saw dogs misbehaving, certainly not leaving poop behind. But if an occasional one did sneak a pastry off a table, is that the end of the world? Mom tells me that if she can’t find produce elsewhere, she will still come to the market, but she’ll spend as little time as possible. We sadly miss the joyful old days. Please, vendors, reverse your hardhearted ban!


Chloe, mini-dachshund, as dictated to

Ann Lees, mom



  1. Sorry, I’m with the town and farmers market on this one. I stopped going to the market four or five years ago because of the dogs. And,yes Ms Lees,regardless of your claims in the article in this weeks paper, the dogs do fight among themselves, people do trip over their leashes, and they do whizz and crap pretty much wherever they want. I’ve always had a belief that people who bring their dogs to the farmers market, or any other crowded place, are not doing it for the benefit of the dog, but more for the look at me factor. This letter pretty much reaffirms that belief.

  2. I don’t bring my dog to the market to show her off. She’s an 8-year-old yellow Lab and often rides around with me. It’s dangerous to leave her in the car in the summer heat. The problem with this new policy is a lot of people don’t know about it until they arrive at the market with their dogs. I agree that some dogs are a nuisance and some owners irresponsible, but other steps could have been taken before an outright ban.

    • I have a rule with my dog,a seven year old mixed mutt, if it’s to hot to leave him in the car while I run errands, he stays home

  3. How do you manage in the stop and shop?
    Unfortunately for every responsible dog owner, especially in WT, there seems to be his or her polar opposite. Until that changes markets, beaches, and outdoor events are going to keep swinging in this direction.

  4. Oh please – give me a break. Leave your dog at home. The Farmer’s Market is so crowded as it is. Not everyone thinks that since you love your dog they should too. It’s the same thing with the beach. Not everyone wants your dog barking, running up to them, etc.. I am in full agreement of banning dogs and I’m surprised it took this long to enact the ban.

  5. That is the craziest letter I have seen in a very long time! Lady you are the type of person who has abused the privilege of bringing your dog places common sense tells one that they should not!
    Us taxpayers have had to put up with your totally crazy abuses with your dogs so that we have had to make by-laws and post signs everywhere saying “NO DOGS” – $50.00 fine signs and “Dogs Must be on a Leash”!
    Still many of you arrogantly walk right by those signs, dogs off their leashes and when one of us calls you on your arrogance you come up with the stupidest excuses and blame us for ruining your day, vacation and that we hate dogs and must have voted for TRUMP! (Yep happens to me every time and I tell you right where to go!)
    Get a life lady and just obey the rules, they are there because of people like you!

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