Construction begins on Boch Park

Site work is underway at Boch Park in Vineyard Haven. - George Brennan

A crew arrived at the site of a future Boch Park Friday, and began removal of what’s left of trees and brush on the vacant lot at 20 Beach Road. By Wednesday, what remained of the trees was cut, ground, and hauled away.

Ernie Boch Jr., who owns the lot, has received permits to build a private park on the land through the conservation commission.

Representatives of the Boch family were scheduled to meet with the planning board in Tisbury Tuesday night, but were no-shows.

In an email to The Times, Ben Robinson, the board’s chairman, wrote that he’s not sure why Bochs’ representatives did not appear at the meeting.

Town leaders have asked Mr. Boch to make the park, which includes stockade-type fences on either side and rod iron fences in the front and back, more accessible to the public.

Mr. Boch has cited liability issues for making the park private, though he promises to beautify the property with flowers and other plantings.


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