School’s out for summer

Games, treats, and goodbyes.


Students at the Tisbury School lined up at the doors to greet the beginning of summer on Friday afternoon as schools closed all across the Island.

For their last day, students played games, did activities, and, in the case of the kindergarten class, got to make homemade ice cream.

The kindergarten class of 2018, bestowed with handmade paper crowns and bags filled with the past year’s completed projects and assignments, marched out underneath a bright yellow poster with silver streamers to greet parents with an emphatic, “Happy Summer!”

Parents had their phones ready to record videos and take pictures as students rushed out to them with hugs, shouts, and even some tears.

Bowen Solarazza, one of the newly graduated kindergartners, was emotional because he didn’t want school to end. “He loves kindergarten,” Emily Solarazza, Bowen’s mother, told the Times. “He would be upset on the weekends because he couldn’t go to school.”

Bowen’s sister Siana, who finished third grade, made a special badge for her teacher with “best teacher” ever written on it.

“It’s a really special school. The teachers are so caring and so dedicated,” Solarazza said.

Enzo Reis, who finished third grade, was eager for summer to start so he could go camping with his family and celebrate his birthday this weekend. “I want a flute, a violin, and a bow and arrow,” he said.

John Oliver, another one of the kindergarteners, ran to his mother Melanie, saying he was excited for summer and ready to go to the beach.

After the initial excitement, students ran around to their friends and teachers to say goodbye. Some stayed to play at the school’s playground, others went to the beach at Owen Park, while most headed off home with their parents.

Assistant kindergarten teacher Sarah Hall, who wore a white dress her students had decorated with colorful artwork, said the past year had been a lot of fun with a great group of students. “This class was very special. They have a special place in our hearts,” she said.