Town Hall alarm sounds

Edgartown police and firefighters invesetigated sprinkler overflow at the Edgartown Town Hall last night. There were no signs of fire. — Courtesy Edgartown Police Dept.

The sprinkler system at Edgartown Town Hall sounded an alarm at about 11 pm Wednesday, prompting an emergency response from the town’s police and fire departments, town administrator James Hagerty said.

The air compressor failed and sent out an alarm, but no water was released from the system, Hagerty said. The fire department drained the sprinkler system onto Main Street, Hagerty said.

Simplex, the company that installed the system, is coming to the Island next week to repair it, he said.

On the Edgartown Police Facebook page, police applauded the response by both departments. “Great teamwork between Blue and Red last night!” the post states. “EPD was alerted to water flowing from the sprinkler overflow at the town hall. This prompted a Fire Department response to investigate the cause of the sprinkler activation. No damage was found during the room-to-room search. Thanks to all of the responders for a great showing.”