Falmouth plow incident may have SSA link

Driver who allegedly sprayed slush at Trump protesters may work for SSA.


A plow driver who allegedly targeted Trump protestors on Village Green Monday with slush wash from a snowplow, may be employed by the Steamship Authority. John C. Pimental of Mashpee is to be summonsed by Falmouth Police for disorderly conduct and assault, The Cape Cod Times reported.

On the green, more than 50 people protested Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to tap funds for a border wall, The Falmouth Enterprise reported, and went on to say that the plow made a repeat pass to splash slush.

“We have a John Pimental, who is an associate terminal agent,” SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll Falmouth Superintendent. Citing lack of information, Driscoll declined to identify the associate terminal agent as the plow driver.

Driscoll emailed that he had “no direct knowledge of any involvement on the part of one of our employees to the situation…”

However, James Grady Jr., Falmouth superintendent of Highways, told The Times Pimental is a subcontract plower for Falmouth. he believes Pimental works for the SSA, saying that he seen Pimental in SSA attire clearing snow for them. He said the green where Pimental allegedly sprayed the protesters isn’t part of the route he was assigned that day, describing it as “close but not where he’s supposed to plow.” Pimental was assigned to area 2, “halfway between Woods Hole and Village Green.”

Grady also said Pimental is used on an on-call basis and has not been called back since the incident. The Falmouth Enterprise reported he has been purged from the town contractor list.

Susan Moran, chairman of the Falmouth Board of Selectmen, said she doesn’t have all the facts about the incident yet but has empathy for the protesters.

“There were a lot of folks who were incensed, upset, and afraid,” she said, and described the incident as “very concerning.”