Stolen car found in Oak Bluffs


A green Volkswagen Tiguan that was stolen Wednesday night in Edgartown was recovered in Oak Bluffs the following day, according to Oak Bluffs Sgt. Dan Cassidy.

Elizabeth O’Brien reported the car to Oak Bluffs police after seeing a picture on the Edgartown police department Facebook page.

The car was found near the East Chop Tennis Courts with the doors locked and the keys left in the passenger seat. The car was secured, the key was brought back to the station, and the owner was notified. There are no suspects at this time.

Cassidy said the department has had cases where people will use cars without permission instead of paying for the bus or a cab and then abandon them.

The vehicle was parked overnight on South Summer Street. Edgartown police Chief Bruce McNamee told The Times there were no suspects when the car was reported stolen and the Steamship Authority was notified to keep an eye out for the vehicle boarding any vessels.

“We remind all our residents to secure their vehicles and not leave keys inside,” McNamee said.