Let’s all celebrate the anniversary of our historic Vexit! 

MVexit. — Kate Feiffer

What a difference it has made, since the Vineyard officially exited the United States and joined Canada. The free healthcare has been wonderful, as has the affordable college for our kids. And our fellow citizens who visit in the summer are so much more polite. 


Geraldine Brooks is an author, and lives in West Tisbury.


    • “If you don’t like it you can get out…”

      This type of commentary always confuses me. Do you not realize that US citizens can’t just pick up and move to wealthy counties like Canada and (most of) Europe, even if they wanted to? And even if somehow you manage to gain permission to live in one of those countries, your income is then double taxed, by whatever your new countries government is and the US government.

      That said, Canada doesn’t have free health care. Taxes pay for it. Same with the affordable colleges. They (and Europe) are able to do this in large part because NATO obligations being covered in large part by the United States security apparatus. So – in part – your tax dollars ensure their children’s schooling and healthcare is paid for.

      • Actually one can buy their way into Canada if they have a net worth of C800 thousand or more and invest C$400 thousand in some business venture. You would not be double taxed because we have tax equalization policies that avoid that legally. Attending say McGill university in Montreal is like going to the Harvard of Canada and is much cheaper. You would like the fact that Canada has little vision for entrepreneurship and likes things to stay the same. Canadians also dont talk to you unless properly introduced–always looking down to avoid eye contact. Of course if you went to Alberta it is like being in the USA. The rest of Canada is highly socialist including the Peoples Republic of Ontario.

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