Minor moped accident ties up traffic

A moped driver sustained minor injuries after going off the road while heading doing Edgartown-West Tisbury Road Thursday afternoon.

Edgartown Police and emergency personnel responded to a moped accident on Edgartown–West Tisbury Road at approximately 1:50 pm on Thursday. 

The accident involved one moped driver who was heading away from Pohogonot Road toward Barnes Road. The driver passed the white line on the right hand side of the road and the moped went into the woods, according to Edgartown Police Sgt. Joel DeRoche. She was treated for minor injuries in an ambulance, and brought to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. 

Traffic was reduced to one lane as emergency vehicles were cleared from the side of the road. No other vehicles were involved in the accident, and no citations have been issued, DeRoche said. The moped was removed shortly after the incident, and regular traffic flow resumed at around 2:20 pm.