TestMV is back on track

The TestMV site at the Ag Society property in West Tisbury. -George Brennan

Updated 1:15 pm

After temporarily postponing scheduled appointments for COVID tests Tuesday, TestMV is back up and operating, Mary Breslauer, a spokeswoman for the site, told The Times.

“We are back on track and the site will stay open later today to accommodate everyone scheduled. About 30 people were asked to come back later today,” Breslauer wrote. “Quest shipped about 165 vials — which is what we ran out of — that we picked up at the ferry today, so we’re in good shape for the rest of the day with 1,000 more coming by FedEx tomorrow.”

Earlier in the day on Tuesday, the testing site posted on its social media accounts that the tests were delayed. “TestMV has unfortunately NOT received our delivery of new test vials for our PCR tests from Quest Labs. We might receive them later today but it is not certain,” a Facebook post stated earlier in the day. “We apologize for any inconvenience this shipping delay may have caused.”

The testing site, which is located on the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society property in West Tisbury, is regularly closed on Wednesdays.

Updated with news that the testing site is back up and running -Ed.