Ferry delay caused by slip work

The MV Woods Hole arrives in Vineyard Haven about 30 minutes late on Monday morning. — Eunki Seonwoo

The Steamship Authority says work being done on a slip in Vineyard Haven caused the MV Woods Hole to be delayed arriving by 30 minutes Monday morning. The ferry was scheduled to arrive at 9 am, and didn’t unload until 9:30 am.

Geoff Spillane, an SSA spokesman filling in for communications director Sean Driscoll, said a dive team was working on installing an anode at one of the Vineyard Haven slips when an electrical issue occurred on the other available slip. Anodes are used to prevent corrosion on vessels, according to the Deepwater website. Deepwater is a company that manufactures cathodic protection systems.

The captain aboard the MV Woods Hole reported to passengers that the delay was a result of slip availability in Vineyard Haven. That caused confusion aboard the MV Woods Hole, as passengers could not see a vessel blocking the ferry from docking, and the captain didn’t mention the repair work being done at the slip.

Spillane said the divers had to be moved from the transfer bridge so that the slip could be used for the MV Woods Hole to dock.

Meanwhile, at the Woods Hole terminal, there is also work being done on one of the two usable slips there. That appeared to delay the docking process for a freight ferry arriving from Vineyard Haven.