P & B brings on new buses and new routes


The Plymouth and Brockton Bus Co. (P & B) is adding a fleet of state-of-the-art clean diesel buses to their schedule — a boon to Islanders and Vineyard visitors alike looking for convenient and reliable travel. 

John Cogliano, president of P & B, took a trip to the Island Wednesday to debut one of the new motor coaches, which hold up to 55 passengers, get improved gas mileage compared with less advanced vehicles, and implement an air filtration system similar to the ones used in hospitals. 

“The buses aren’t only the most modern technology in terms of gas mileage, but they have advanced air filtration systems that consist of three components,” Cogliano said. 

According to Cogliano, fresh air is circulated through the cabin every four minutes, and every two minutes all the air is pulled through an antimicrobial filter that kills the majority of bacteria and viruses. The technology also uses a continuous purification method that releases a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into the air, purifying the air and also surfaces inside the cabin. 

“We have the safety of the passengers to consider, as well as the safety of our employees — that’s a central focus for us,” Cogliano said. 

Another beneficial feature of P & B augmenting their transportation line is the increased service to and from Woods Hole, Falmouth, West Bridgewater, South Station, and Logan Airport. Additional trips will be made on the Hyannis route to and from Barnstable, Sagamore, Plymouth, Rockland, South Station, and Logan. 

For Cogliano and other P & B officials, ensuring that passengers don’t have to worry about being punished for a change of plans or itinerary is essential to their service model. “We want our passengers to know that when they buy a P & B bus ticket, they know they are getting on that bus and coming back. If they want to stay later, they aren’t going to be financially penalized because they changed a bus trip number,” Cogliano said. 

P & B now uses a company called SmartStubs as their ticketing platform, which Cogliano said makes purchasing and using tickets convenient and low-stress for passengers. After customers pick their area of onloading and their destination, a QR code can be sent to a mobile device to be scanned upon arrival, or folks can print a physical ticket from home. 

“My partners and I are excited to be able to provide this increased bus service schedule. We know it will greatly benefit the residents of the Vineyard, as well as people who visit there,” Cogliano said. 


Visit p-b.com to view the complete route schedules, purchase bus tickets, or find more information.


  1. The direct service from TF Green airport in Providence to Woods Hole is also a huge benefit and provides a convenient, cost effective alternate route for many travelers. Thank you P&B.

  2. After all the headaches my husband and I had over our cancelled or late arrivals in Boston for Dr.’s appointments due to the inept Peter Pan Bus line and their poor service, I look forward to being a P&B regular patron. The Vineyard needs good, reliable public transportation, and it sounds like your bus line is making an effort to “go green “ as well!

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