Let’s try working together


To the Editor:

There are a few controversial issues where we Islanders can come together. We love our country, we want our loved ones to be safe, we hate it when Five Corners floods. Can we at least agree on those points? 

Can we listen to each other respectfully? Together, maybe we can find ways to work on these problems, knowing and considering all different points of view. I have trouble killing ants, but I have friends who have guns and bring venison to the Food Pantry, feed their family while thinning our deer herd. They love their kids, grandkids, and want them to be safe. They love fishing and hunting, getting out into nature. They love our country as fiercely as I do. We all want the truth to be known. We want to protect our fishermen and workers as we want to protect our environment, our kids to be safe when we send them off to school, to preserve our democracy. 

How did we get to a place where it’s more important to win than to solve hard problems? Who is winning here? We aren’t. Lobsters head north to cooler waters, we close a road to preserve a Cliff. Our kids worry, schools practice drills. We can’t agree on the right president. Kids, our Island, our country — they are so important, we must find ways to work together protecting them. Let us try.


Mardi Moran
Vineyard Haven