Grateful for the help of strangers


To the Editor:

I have been coming to this piece of heaven called Martha’s Vineyard since the age of 10 months. I am now 73 and 10 months old. It has always been a joy to be here, and I have enjoyed many activities: Camp Wintucket, swimming, walking on the jetties at Menemsha, deep-sea fishing, working a couple of summers at the M.V. Hospital as an orderly, or just sitting back, relaxing, and reading a good book. My favorite activity has always been sailing. My family bought a Super Sailfish in the early ’60’s. I have enjoyed this simple craft for decades. 

This summer I decided to get the boat out in hopes of teaching my grandchildren the fundamentals and enjoyment of sailing. On Monday, June 20, we loaded the boat onto the top of the car and headed for Bend in the Road Beach at State Beach. However, the 20th being a holiday, that area of the beach was packed. Finally, we found an area not far from the Big Bridge, set up the boat, and went sailing. While taking my second grandson out for a sail, a gust of wind caught us and capsized us (part of the fun of having a Sailfish). The sheet came undone, and the wind was blowing us toward the bridge, out of control. We were caught in the current going under the bridge, and were in trouble. We called for help. In a matter of seconds there were a half-dozen young men coming to our rescue. They were able to get us away from the rocks by locking arms, and saving the boat, myself, and, most importantly, my young grandson, and getting us to safety. We are so grateful for these fine young men for their efforts, heroism, and willingness to help us in this time of our desperate need.

One hears of today’s youth not being responsible, lazy, and feeling entitled. These young men threw to the wind (figuratively and literally) any hint of selfishness, and were willing to help us, even risking their lives and well-being. May the Lord bless them always, and the parents who raised them. We are so grateful for these fine youth and future leaders.

William D. Province II
Franklin, Ind.