Patricia J. Williams at Islanders Write

Patricia Williams is joining Callie Crossley at Islanders Write for a discussion on how to write about politics and race.

Islanders Write is delighted to announce that Patricia J. Williams will be joining Callie Crossley at Islanders Write on Monday, Aug. 1, at 12:15 pm, for a conversation on “Politics and Race: Truth and Revisionism — How do you write about it?”

Williams is a distinguished professor of law and humanities at Northeastern University, and director of law, technology and ethics initiatives. She is the author of six books, her latest being “Giving A Damn: Racism, Romance and Gone With the Wind,” (Harper Collins). Her award-winning column, Diary of a Mad Law Professor appeared in The Nation Magazine for two decades. She is the recipient of seven honorary doctorates and a MacArthur fellowship. 

Frye Gaillard, author of “The Southernization of America” was originally scheduled to speak but had to reschedule his trip to the Vineyard due to a pandemic-related issue. 

Crossley hosts the radio show and podcast “Under the Radar with Callie Crossley” and shares radio essays each Monday on GBH’s “Morning Edition.” 

Islanders Write begins on Saturday, July 30, at 7:30 pm and runs throughout the days of Sunday, July 31 and Monday, August 1. The event is free to attend, although we ask that you do not join us if you are feeling ill or have had a known COVID exposure. For more information: