Sunset Lake tree to return

A fundraiser to light up the Sunset Lake tree surpassed its goal. — Courtesy Kathleen Cowley's GoFun

A fundraising campaign sponsored by the Oak Bluffs Business Association, Friends of Oak Bluffs, and the Friends and Neighbors of Sunset Lake, to cover the cost of displaying a holiday tree on Sunset Lake has surpassed its goal by a little over $100.

The GoFundMe campaign, organized by Kathleen Cowley on Nov. 21, initially requested $4,400 in donations to help fund tree display, after an Oak Bluffs “budgetary glitch” had cut the decoration from the town’s budget.

“The tree and the lighting in Ocean Park have come to symbolize the holiday spirit for the residents and visitors of the town of Oak Bluffs,” the fundraising campaign stated, before garnering $4,522 from 78 donors within days of its creation. 

Renee Balter, one of the founders of the OBA, told The Times on Wednesday that the business association is expected to meet with the town’s select board next week to discuss the donations.

Although the tree has yet to be displayed, it has been delivered to the Sunset Lake area, in preparation for the floating Christmas tree tradition to continue. 

The tree, which is donated by Jardin Mahoney garden center, is set to be displayed Friday, Oak Bluffs highway superintendent Richard Combra told The Times.